One of the most enjoyable fishing trips that you can do right now in Europe is looking for zander fishing in Spain. In this sunny country, you can choose different areas where zanders are swimming around but mainly you have Ebro, Tajo, Guadiana and Duero rivers, with all the different lakes that you will find along these rivers.

guia de pesca de luciopercas

Those smiles tell us that there are some zanders around.

The area of Ebro river is probably the most famous for zander fishing in Spain and because of that it is really pressured. Several years ago it was a paradise for zander but right now, probably, you will need to fish with a good zander fishing guide to know the friendly face of these waters.

About Tajo we can say that these lakes keep a good zander population although most of them are small to medium size. Something similar than Guadiana, lakes that zanders arrived like ten years ago (in Tajo like 40 years ago) and now they have a really good population but it is not easy to catch quality fish, perhaps the water temperature of these lakes in Extremadura are too much high for them.

And then there are the lakes of the Duero river; a fantastic option. Lakes with much less pressure than the others and with a really good population of zanders and an excellent average size. (** I am profesional fishing guide on these waters and I really know what I am talking about).

como pescar luciopercas en primavera

The average size of the zanders in Duero lakes is really good. 

We are talking (without any doubt) about one of the best areas around the world for zander fishing actually. Maybe it is not the place to catch really big ones (population is growing up at this moment), but it is to enjoy this kind of fishing with really good numbers and average size.

I do not like to say numbers because we know, fishing is fishing, but today I am going to make an exception. It is not something unusual to make 40-50 zanders (with at least 30% of them +70cm and several +75cm) in one fishing day (9 hours of fishing) with two anglers and some epic fishing days with +100 zanders on the boat. ** This year we made some days over 200, just amazing!

pesca de luciopercas

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You can fish zander in Spain throughout the year, although in my opinion, there are two periods more regulars most of the years. Spring, during the spawn period (my preference, because they are quite shallow and you can fish them with very different ways and lures) and in the end of summer, although as I said before, there are years with good results in summer, autumn and winter too.

So, if you love zander fishing or just you want to try with this magic species and its way of fishing, zander fishing in Spain is a really good option to enjoy your fishing holidays or organize your zander fishing trip. If you want to know more info or directly to fish with a passionate for fishing and zanders, please let me know.   ** More about BO Fishing Guide

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