BO Fishing is an exciting fishing guide project in Spain designed for the enjoyment of sport fishing at the highest level, offering you all means and facilities.

guia de pesca

For us, happiness and fishing have always been related, but now, after many years of learning and preparation, we need to share it with you and being your fishing guide in Spain. It does not matter if you have never held a rod and you are curious to try something different. Or if you are a skillful fisherman with a desire for new challenges: we adapt to your needs and we are ready to offer you an experience that you will hardly forget. Because, although many could think this would be enough, fishing is not only the action of fishing. Fishing is silence and peace. Smells and pure air. Adrenaline and strong emotions. Nature and being able to feel part of it. So we want to help you to feel all these emotions in a special way.

guia de pesca


Do you want to start from scratch? Are you looking for a record fish? Or do you simply want to be the story worth telling protagonist? With BO Fishing – Fishing Guide in Spain there are no limits.

We have extensive training and experience in different fields in order to provide you with everything you need and fulfil your expectations. Tell us what experience you want to live or, if you prefer, let us advise you on species, scenarios, modalities, techniques, equipment, best seasons, accommodation or complementary activities, and we will take care of the rest. It does not matter if you just want to enjoy a different day outdoors or if you have the most ambitious aim because, for us, all your desires are important and we will make them come true together.


You will have everything you need at your disposal so that you can enjoy sport fishing at the highest level.


Large platform with a lot of details


Two last generation sonars of large dimensions


Yamaha 50cv - Electric 80lb (GPS et Pinpoint)


Rods, reels and lures at your disposal

Our boat, with its 5 meters of length and 1.90 meters of beam is wide, safe and comfortable. In addition, it has a quality design and parquet thought conscientiously for fishing practice and the user comfort. Fridge. Spacious hatchways to distribute and organize equipment and belongings. Outboard motor 50cv of great benefits. Electric motor 80lb power, with GPS and system “Pinpoint”. Two last generation sonars of large dimensions and an endless number of small details that will make a difference during the course of the day.

All these technological devices will help us both in the previous days to locate fish and during the fishing day, making things much easier for us in fishing action. If you need it, we also have at your disposal several sets rod + reel of the highest level, in addition to all kinds of lures to face the different situations we can find. Everything is designed to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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Fishing is not only my passion, it is a way of life.

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I have been fishing since I remember. If I do not, I feel that something is missing. Fishing is the reason why I wake up every day with renewed illusions. I am excited by the uncertainty of each sunrise in the water and the idea of being able to learn something new every day. Fishing a fish means nothing for me but fishing it knowing why I am doing it, it changes everything. Having to start again from scratch, the need to constantly evolve or the certainty that no matter how much I learn because I will always be a simple learner, this is what fascinates me about this no way out labyrinth.

My field of play is incomparable. Nature allows you to savor the wildest and most exciting side of life. Here there are no walls or limits, everything that happens is real. There is no place for lies. Being able to feel insignificant or just one more, is the greatest privilege. It motivates me greatly to share exciting experiences and to help to discover a different world or to teach what the fish show me in secret. For me, there is no better alternative than dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about and, with your work, you are capable of giving unique experiences that you can never forget.

** Marcos Elena is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Salamanca and a Forestry Engineer from the University of Valencia. Collaborator for the Federpesca, Jara y Sedal magazines and TV Channel Caza y Pesca. Producer of audiovisual content. More than 20,000 followers in social networks.

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We work from sunrise to sunset to offer you the best service. Our goal is that you end the fishing trip with lots of pictures with big fishes, good memories and a big smile.

fishing guide in spain

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Our aim is to make you feel at home but enjoying fishing as if you were on Mars.

We have different alternatives depending on the reservoir/s that you choose as destination, with the best value for money. All of them are close to the fishing places so that the trips from the accommodation to the water are short. Furthermore, you will enjoy a familiar treatment, good traditional-food and comfortable rooms in all the accommodations.

“We spent four days fishing with Marcos. We are delighted with our stay, Marcos was very attentive, hospitable and very professional. I definitely recommend it. We are going back to France with full memories and we are very happy to have met Marcos, thank you again for everything (guidance, kindness) and I see you very soon”

Clément Connille, France (He fished with us in Nov. 2018 and Ap. 2019 and 2021)

“We were fishing in Ricobayo with Marcos in August 2018. The reservoir is beautiful and Marcos knows it really well. He will guide you on the best spots to fish for pike, barbel, zander or bass. Marcos is also very friendly and attentive, a great fishing guide!”

Florian - Fishare, France (He fished with us in August 2018))

“Marcos is a studious fisherman. When you arrive to different hot-spots he knows what is happening and what you should do to catch fishes. We were in Almendra reservoir and in less than 2 hours we have catched 8 nice zanders. It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed a lot. Marcos is patient and he show us as well several interesting things about knots, lures or sonars interpretation. We come back soon for fishing with BOFishing!”

Niko Kluguer, Argentina (He fished with us in July 2022)

Yo can read many more reviews of our clients on our google and facebook profile.

We will be glad to give you also direct contact with some of our clients of your country if you need it.

BO Fishing Guide, Enjoyning our passion with other fishing lovers since 2018


You will fish in some of the best Spanish lakes. A wide range of different species are anxiously waiting for you to challenge them.

guia de pesca

Our activities are carried out in the best reservoirs and rivers of the Duero River Basin. Most of these waters barely suffer from fishing pressure. There are even virtually untouched corners, where you will feel you are the first to arrive. The variety of species, their sportiness and the large size they can reach, are another of the great attractions in many of these destinations.

No matter your chosen modality (fly fishing or spinning), pikes, black bass, barbels, zander or trout will delight any fisherman looking for great challenges and strong emotions.

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Fishing in the Ricobayo reservoir

High quality and quantity pikes. Feel the power of the barbels in your arms. Exquisite basses. Capture the magnificent four in a single day.

pesca en embalse de ricobayo


1.145 hm3


Pike, Barbel, Zander and Largemouth


5.725 ha

This is Ricobayo, possibly the best-known and most renowned reservoir in the Duero basin. These waters offer the sport fisherman many options to enjoy the different species that live here throughout the year. It is a lake with a lot of food, so its populations enjoy an enviable health. It has zones of extensive beaches with quite evident structures, being the slate the undisputed protagonist in the majority of them.

Probably, barbs are the kings of these waters because of their great average size, their great aggressiveness and voracity developed over the past few years and, of course, because of the great struggles they offer during the fight. Therefore, this is the best scenario on the entire planet for fishing barbels and enjoy with their fights. Pike is the other main co-star, the second protagonist of Esla River. It has respectable density and average size so that is why fishermen passionate about this fearsome predator have here one of the most attractive reservoirs in Europe, both in quantity and quality. Black bass is another great attraction of these waters, although it is not as frequent as barbs and pikes. Despite not suffering excessive pressure, the basses in this reservoir are a challenge for the fisherman, being generally very difficult to deceive, especially large specimens. Even so, there is a stable population, with a rising trend since recent years and if you dedicate the time they deserve, it can provide you with very rewarding days. Finally, in full expansion, the zander is the last to reach Ricobayo and, although it is still early to know how it is going to acclimatize, everything suggests that it is already gaining its space, thus enabling us, to enjoy varied and funny multi-species fishing days.

Thus, fishing in Ricobayo is usually dynamic and fun, with many different alternatives both in ways of fishing and species to pursue. If you try it, you will like it.

Fishing in the Irueña reservoir

A small reservoir full of great surprises

pesca en irueña


110 hm3


Pike, Largemouth, Trout and Barbel


1.025 ha

Irueña is a new reservoir but it has a lot of potential. Despite not being a large reservoir, it has a very interesting density of both basses and pikes with quality specimens in both species. In addition, it is one of the few reservoirs in Spain where it is still possible to fish really large native brown-trout. Due to the reservoir characteristics, it is very interesting to fly fishing especially at certain seasons since having a lot of small shrubs, fish usually approach the shores and you can fish both black bass and pike in very low depth.

Currently it is a destination to take into account both to make numbers and to look for high quality fish.

Fishing in the Almendra reservoir

Lots of zanders, record pikes, confident basses and the sensation of being alone in the immensity.

pesca en La Almendra


2.648 hm3


Zander, Pike, Barbel and Largemouth


8650 ha

If you do not know it in depth, possibly the Almendra reservoir is one of the most demanding and difficult reservoirs that exists. Its area (it is one of the largest lakes on the European continent), together with its innumerable apparently identical scattered structures throughout much of its perimeter, makes many fishermen fail to discover the potential of these waters. Because of this reason, it is probably one of the scenarios with lower fishing pressure in Spain, being usual to travel kilometers of shore without finding a single fisherman. Although it may seem astonishing, it is still possible to fish in these waters, stretches and hidden corners that are practically virgin.

All this makes the Almendra reservoir a special place to fish, where every corner is to be discovered and where many of the fish that swim through its waters do not know what a lure is because they have never seen it.

Due to its great extension, we can fish in many areas very different from each other, from extensive beaches stretched and shallow, to large stone cuttings, passing through enclaves where there are many submerged trees or human constructions.

Nowadays, zander is the species that rules over the rest. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best scenarios in Europe for zander fishing, both in numbers and quality since they have an interesting average size. Although since the introduction of the zander the population of pikes has changed from the past, these waters are still a reference if we talk about pikes well above the average. If you are looking for a pike record, this is a destination that you should not overlook because here there are real options to find one of those pikes difficult to imagine. Furthermore, black bass is also present in these waters. Although its population is not very large, once located, they are usually easy to capture due to the scarce or rather nil fishing pressure they receive in this scenario. Another great attraction of the Almendra reservoir is the large number of cyprinids (both carps and barbels) of good size that inhabit these waters, being an unequalled destination and must for all lovers of fly fishing.

To sum up, fishing in La Almendra does not leave you indifferent. It is a unique scenario that if you know it in depth, it can give you everything you are looking for.


Full Board (Accommodation + Breakfast + Lunch on the reservior + Dinner)

Fishing Days 2 Fishers 3 Fishers
6 Days / 7 Nights 1.295 euros/pers 1.110 euros/pers
5 Days / 6 Nights  1.105 euros/pers 948 euros/pers
4 Days / 5 Nights  916 euros/pers 786 euros/pers
3 Days / 4 Nights  715 euros/pers 615 euros/pers
2 Days / 3 Nights  511 euros/pers 438 euros/pers

** These rates are based on consecutive fishing days and in the same reservoir.

** If you want to fish in different reservoirs +40-80euros/person for each change of scenery.

** Would you like to come alone or with more people? No problem, we can organize it too.


– Professional Fishing Guide.

– 9 hours fishing/day.

– Transportation to the fishing area.

– Advice and info about lures, dates or any other before the trip and different strategies and techniques during fishing days.

– Bass Boat (Marine 500, 50cv Yamaha, Motoguide Xi5 80lb GPS and “Pinpoint”, 2 Sonar HDS9+HDS7 Gen3, Fridge and plenty of space for your comfort). 

– Gas for all fishing days.

– Accommodation and meals.

– Management and processing of fishing licenses. (Cost not included: 15e/permis)

– Profesional Photos (edition included).

– Insurances.

Not Included

Sets Rod+Reel. (Rent: 10e/set/day)

– Lures and other material. (Rent: Market price)

– Extra consumptions and other extras.

Any doubt or question? Would you like to book your fishing trip?

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