FISHING in PORTUGAL ¡Predator’s Paradise!

FISHING in PORTUGAL ¡Predator’s Paradise!

Predator fishing in Portugal is the new paradise for spinning and also fly fishing anglers. One of the most epic predator fishing trips that you can do right now in Europe, is without any doubt, fishing in Portugal. In this sunny country, you can choose different areas where predators are swimming around, but there are several places where the quantity of big bass, zanders and pikes are just excellent.

bass fishing in Portugal

Big Bass are The King of some lakes like Sabor where +2.5 kilo specimens are not unusual. 

Nowadays, Spain is probably the most famous country for predator fishing and because of that, it is a really pressured. Each year, although a lot of good fishes are catched on these waters, regions like Extremadura or Ebro River are more and more difficult to get good results every year and probably you will need a pro fishing guide to get good catches.

Until the last few years, Portugal it was quite unknown for most of the fishermen, but each year, it is becoming in more and more popular, in fact, several fishing guides companies are arriving to this new amazing destination, but it is not as much as pressured so far.

guide fishing in Portugal

Big and healthy pikes are also on the game like this 106cm and there are bigger brothers.

Predator fishing in Portugal is amazing right now. You can find different lakes and rivers where you can enjoy a lot, making really good numbers and also with real chances to catch big ones of all the most famous freshwater predators in Europe like pikes, bass, zanders and barbels.

Although the are other areas and lakes really good for fishing in Portugal like Tajo or Guadiana River, in my opinion, the best area is around Douro River at this moment, that it is in fact, the area which I know better.

On this region you can find out same lakes like Sabor Lake a top lake, with wild nature, amazing views and of course with amazing fishes and population of all different species or several smaller lakes but with really good basses on them. And you should not forget Douro river, with plenty of fishes and some giants swimming on these waters, specially giant zanders.

guide fishing in Portugal

Zanders are the queens of Duero river; on this river you can find real monsters.

You can fish predators in Portugal throughout the year. Obviously, some periods are better for some species or others are key to get a really beast but weather should be quite good most of the year.

So, if you love predator fishing and you would like to catch big fishes or just enjoy and learn new skills with these amazing predator at a very competitive prize, predator fishing in Portugal is a really good option to enjoy your fishing holidays. If you want to know more info or directly to fish with a passionate fishing guide, please, let me know; I will be glad to help you with everything. ** More about BO Fishing Guide

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