One of the most epic fishing trips that you can do in Europe without any doubt it is bass fishing in Spain. In this sunny country, you can choose different areas where bass are swimming around, but there are several places where a good quantity of big bass are not something unusual right now.

Spain is one of the best destinations for big bass fishing in Europe.

Extremadura is probably the most famous for bass fishing in Spain and because of that, nowdays it is a really pressured area. Anyway, you can find here some lakes really good for bass fishing but at this moment, probably, you will need to fish with a really good bass fishing guide to know the friendly face of these waters. Orellana lake is the the most famous and probably the best to produce a really big bass right now, with some beast over 3K swimming around, but it is not an easy lake at all, where you will catch several bass most of the days.

There are also other lakes or rivers quite good for big bass mainly in Andalucía (Guadalquivir river), or C. Valenciana (Turia and Jucar Rivers) even in Catalonia.

Bass fishing is one of the most popular around the world: You will know “why” when you test it.

And then, there are the northwest lakes in Spain, mainly around Duero river and close to Portugal; a fantastic option if you want to focus on fishing lakes with much less pressure than other areas and with a nice population of bass and in some of them, with really big bass too. Maybe it is not as good as for pike or zander fishing, but mainly, in some periods of the year, you can enjoy a lot and you have real options to catch +50cm bass (those are really good fishes).

(* I am profesional fishing guide on these waters and I really know what I am talking about).

Although you can fish bass in Spain throughout the year, in my opinion, there are two periods more regular most of the years. Spring, during the spawn period (they use to be quite shallow and you can fish them with very different ways and lures), when it is a really good period for big bass and in autumn and some years in summer as well, although there are years with good results in other periods.

Aorund northwest lakes in Spain you can fish really good bass like this and other predators on the same fishing trip. 

So, if you love bass fishing and you would like to catch a big bass or just enjoy and learn new skills for these amazing fishes at a very competitive prize, bass fishing in Spain is a really good option to enjoy your fishing holidays. If you want to know more info or directly to fish with a passionate for fishing and big bass, please let me know.

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